Darren White

Customer Support

Our customer support lead

Darren was one of the first full time employees at AspiraCloud and has moved with the changing IT landscape from on-premises to a cloud first strategy. With a background in Computer Science, Darren has worked with a variety of technologies and coding languages. Using these expertise Darren produces custom solutions for our customers to solve a variety of business needs using modern cloud-based frameworks whist continuing to keep up with the latest solutions around Bots and AI.

Darren is one of our Azure architects, building out scalable solutions and streamlining processes with automation services, federated sign-in and deployment.

Darren also takes the lead on our customer support desk with his vast knowledge of all things technical. He provides swift, helpful and friendly support to our valued customers and partners.

To maintain a good life/work balance Darren enjoys dancing Argentine Tango, helping with open-air Shakespeare productions, tending the garden and walking his dog, Nikko.

Darren White

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