How to Automate GDPR Compliance

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Come May of this year we will see the introduction of GDPR in the UK.

Arguably one of the most significant pieces of legislation to affect all businesses, schools and public services in many years.  Judging by the sheer volume of material out there at the moment many organisations like AspiraCloud are working out what that means for us and our clients.

One of the fundamental strands of GDPR is your right to be forgotten and your right for full disclosure of any data an organisation may hold on you, know as a Subject Access Request.

With GDPR only four months away most organisations report that they are still not prepared, but do not worry too much, help is at hand.  AspiraCloud have partnered with a company called TermSet to help you and your data become GDPR ready.  As you may have heard already, Microsoft have declared their intention for all cloud services to be fully GDPR compliant by March 2018.  With our help and our partnership with TermSet you can be sure that all GDPR Sensitive and Personal Identifiable Information within all your structured and unstructured data is easily discoverable to your DPO.

The Challenge

• GDPR will require all organisations that trade within Europe to focus on identifying and retrieving personal data of employees, customers such as names, addresses or financial data.
• The new “Right to be Forgotten/Removed” rule will allow employees, customers to request that you identify and retrieve all the digital information you hold on them and then remove it entirely from your systems.
• The “Subject Access Request” response time will decrease from 40 days down to 30 days.

The Solution

• ScanR is a ground breaking software product that discovers GDPR Sensitive and Personal Identifiable Information within all types of structured and unstructured documents within File Shares, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
• Automate the process and quickly respond to “Right to be forgotten” or “Subject Access Request”.
• A comprehensive 100 plus key words rules engine that can understand all global languages.
• Includes Artificial Intelligence with Pattern Matching to ensure key word accuracy.
• Converts all photocopies, scanned documents into OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to identify all sensitive key words.

AspiraCloud and TermSet are hosting a short 30 minute webinar on Wednesday 14th February.  What better way to spend Valentines day than to make sure you are GDPR compliant !

To register for this free event, click on the link below and we will see you there.

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What Next?

By registering for and attending this webinar you are entitled to:

  • A free online cloud consultancy for your company.  Are you making the best use of the Microsoft Cloud?
  • complimentary 7-day trial of this tool, we’ll scan your platforms, surface the information and provide you with a free data report.
  • A substantial discount of 30% for all Public Sector customers.

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