What does trust in the Cloud mean to you?

Our twitter tag line talks about “trust in the cloud” and “privacy being a human right.” Effectively, the topic of cyber security and privacy still continues to sit at the forefront of any organisation’s approach to cloud computing.

We have all experienced remote working in a variety of forms over the last year, whether that be lessons from home or virtually meeting a client desperate for some last minute legal advice. Having rapid and secure access to our documents and the ability to collaborate with others whilst knowing our content and devices are safe has never been so important.

Of course, many of us are now looking at a new approach to work, maybe returning to the office or the classroom or perhaps adopting a more cautious approach with a hybrid set up.  In this article, I’m going to look at three key areas where Microsoft is helping clients and partners adapt to this ever changing Covid landscape with a focus on trust, privacy, and secure working.

A commitment to trust in the cloud

We all know that Microsoft has a very clear commitment to trust by providing a secure working platform with strong data protection credentials, transparent working practices and a pledge to stand up for the rights of their customers where government authorities seek to further encroach on our fundamental human rights. The Microsoft commitment to customers is echoed by AspiraCloud in every aspect of our work.

We are transparent about the ways we handle your data, how we access your tenants and the technologies we use to ensure compliance with both yours and our industry standards. Never forget: 

  • Your data is yours and you maintain control at all times
  • You have a right to know where your data is stored
  • You can be sure your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. No one can access your files without your knowledge or permission

That’s all good, but we all know there’s someone out there, always attempting to crack your complex password, (which you always change when asked to do so, right?!)  

So, how do we help our cloud customers make things more difficult for someone attempting to gain unauthorised access?

Working from the principle of zero trust, we have been helping some of our customers to: 

  • Secure identities and manage access
  • Prevent threats
  • Secure resources

Privacy rules

Azure Active Directory (AD) is the starting point for a complete identity and access management solution. 

Combined with devices managed by Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we aim to provide customers with a flexible yet highly integrated security solution. This could be a simple as applying multi-factor authentication or something more in depth, such as managing complex conditional access rules to protect users and their devices when signing into Microsoft 365 services. 

“A successful security set up has to offer minimum intrusion
but maximum inconvenience

The key to a successful security set up has to offer minimum intrusion for the legitimate end user but maximum inconvenience and a guaranteed block for anyone who shouldn’t be there. Using Endpoint Manager to ensure all devices in the organisation follow a set of governance guidelines, means we can control access to suitable apps and administer a common, efficient and automated approach for all. Knowing a device and identity credentials are secure and access to sensitive information is managed allows users to increase productivity and reduce any potential down time caused by external threats.

Threat protection

The final area we have been working with clients more and more over the past two years is in the area of threat protection, which again is closely tied to our Endpoint Manager package of services. Clients are finding that the integrated services of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Endpoint for Office tools together with enhancements to the Microsoft Security Centre are a key element of their secure working approach.

Microsoft Defender and Endpoint security have been recognised by Gartner and Forrester as a leader in the supply of Endpoint Protection and Cloud Security brokers, so we can be sure when recommending these products to customers they are getting the very best level of protection possible at an affordable price.

So as our customers continue to find ways to work remotely or adopt a hybrid approach in a safe working environment, AspiraCloud has helped strengthen their trust in the cloud by adopting an improved cloud security position, with greater protection against external threats and a consistent approach to data privacy. How have we done this? By leveraging a range of great apps and services from the Microsoft Cloud. Customers are benefitting from transparent management and a more streamlined connected approach across the cloud.

Work smarter and safer with the Microsoft Cloud

Trust in the cloud has never been more important.

Are your students, staff, colleagues and customers able to collaborate with confidence while devices and data remain safe and secure?

AspiraCloud helps customers work smarter and work safer with Microsoft Cloud. Get in touch today to see how we can help secure your working environment with Microsoft Cloud.