Are You a Cost Saving Super Hero?

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Cost Saving


Everyone has the potential to be a cost saving superhero.

Have you thought about how to save costs with your IT infrastructure?

How often do you thing about saving money when standing up new server infrastructure in your office or school? When you look through the online catalogue for your preferred supplier to get the best price on the hardware, how often to you thing about the hidden costs associated with your purchase?

  • The cost of electricity
  • The cost of ventilation and cooling
  • Back up infrastructure and media
  • The cost of licensing (and the stress of making sure you have got it right)
  • Support staff costs
  • Environmental costs

As your need for efficient workloads increases and we demand more from our server infrastructure, that too puts a strain on other budgets to support this.  But that’s OK isn’t it because someone else has to worry about those additional hidden costs. Right ? In preparation for this blog post it has been incredibly difficult to get some real life figures for you to consider, but I am grateful to Ray Fleming at Microsoft Edu in Australia for this very simple table designed to just start the conversation.

Consider why IT managers worry about consuming cloud services like Azure IaaS.  Is it because they imagine an open cheque book or an open charge account against their budget.  What about the open ended cost of simply plugging more servers in.  The table shows below that you can run a server in Azure for about the same cost as a light bulb and that includes electricity, software licenses and maintenance.

Description KWh rating Electricity cost Cost per day Cost per week Cost per month
Standard On Premises Server 0.75 £0.18  £3.36  £23.52 £94.08
100W light bulb 0.1 £0.18  £0.43  £3.02 £12.10
Azure small server  £0.35  £2.47 £9.90*
*Basic tier: A1 Server with 1 core, 0.75 GB Ram and 20 GB Disk

This simple calculation looks at electricity alone.  How much could you save if you look at the whole picture.  Even if the cost of electricity doesn’t appear on your budget sheet you are demonstrating to the management team that you can think about the entire organisation.  You’ve just become the cost saving super hero. So now think about the cost of your next project and take a look at the Microsoft Azure Cost Estimator Tool.

Click on the image to download the tool.

Azure Cost Calculator

You can:
  • Profile your current environment and estimate the cost of your existing workload
  • Prepare a budget forecast for a new service
  • Scan your existing Hyper V or VMWare environment
  • Follow usage patterns for up to a month in order to iron our peak costs

Download the tool here and remember there might be even more savings to be made for enterprise users. Talk to the team at AspiraCloud who can get you some pretty nice discounts for a longer term commitment to Microsoft Azure.

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